The Knitts-  Charlie, Alex, Justin, Victor, Jaime

The Knitts-  Charlie, Alex, Justin, Victor, Jaime


The Knitts, a band with a surprisingly long history and a short fuse, ready to explode onto the music scene with the release of their 'Simple Folk' EP and their much-anticipated upcoming debut full-length album.

The Knitts' origin story goes way back to the last years of the Knitting Factory on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles. "That's strangely how the band name came about, from Charlie's time working the box office,' recalls Justin Volkens of his brother, Charlie Volkens time in the box office while some early band members hung around the venue. Now The Knitts are made up of two actual brothers-Justin (Vocals), Charlie (guitar), -plus Alex (Drums), Victor Portillo (Lead Guitar) and Jaime "Jimmy" Luque (Bass).

LA Weekly describes The Knitts' sounds as "a brash, West Coast take on the guitar-driven yet danceable rock of second-wave Brit-pop bands like The Libertines and Franz Ferdinand."

"Beneath the carefree abandon, that invites the listener to join in, The Knitts hold a tight reign to the combinations of blustering percussion, throbbing bass, excitable guitar and flying vocal to deliver a track that while retaining the conceptual Joie de vivre, threads a balance that playfully jostles the audience into activity, while simultaneously allowing the material to stand on its own merit."­

The Knitts, they're not on the grid, don't play to click tracks, don't know how to work a sampler or program a drum machine. They don't growl or scream, they sing. They're not choreographed, they move. They don't pose, they just smile and laugh.

"A big part of being recognized is not doing the same thing-and isn't that what rock and roll is about? It's about adapting, bending and breaking the rules."