The Nervous Wreckords

The Nervous Wreckords


The Nervous Wreckord (Part I) is the new EP by multi-instrumentalist/songwriter and producer Brian Karscig (due out late Summer/Fall 2015).

Edgy guitar riffs, witty lyrics, and comparisons to T-Rex, the Kinks and Ziggy Stardust-era Bowie are things Karscig is used to hearing about his music, whether it’s his former band Louis XIV, or the Nervous Wreckords circa 2010. If you ask him though, he'll tell you, "I'm a music fan and have lots of different influences. I'm not trying to be anyone else, I just want to be our own favorite band.”

After 2011's Valuminium and 2013’s Let Them All Talk (both self-released), the Nervous Wreckords began touring with the Killers, Weezer and Brandon Flowers, also sharing the stage with Cee-Lo Green, Death Cab for Cutie and Cage the Elephant, as well as doing their own shows up and down the coast of California.

In 2014, Karscig revamped his vintage gear-based home studio, Studio Bee, and became immersed in a new sound and direction. "I wanted to concentrate on making an 'album' in a world where music has become about 'the single,’ he enthuses. “From start to finish I want to sonically explore peaks, valleys, and an overall musical trip that people can relate to, as well as motivate and excite people with. I want people to feel what I felt making the music when they listen to it. It all just started effortlessly coming together, and it feels so right".

There is no exact release date set, and Karscig is not rushing to meet a deadline. "You can't put a timeline on creativity” is his motto, but Karscig and THE NERVOUS WRECKORDS are excited to get out and start playing new material late 2015.